Engagement Rings: Jewelry for Eternity

An engagement ring symoblisiert each other eternal love and the desire to spend life together forever. The choice of the right engagement ring for lovers should therefore be carefully considered. Glittering diamonds, sparkling gemstones or bright beads? Gold, silver or platinum? Basically, of course, is true: mainly the ring like and comes from the heart-whether noble diamond ring, simple classic or romantic design in antique look.

Classic engagement rings but carry one or more diamonds and made ​​of gold, white gold or platinum. At Galeria Kaufhof you can find a wide range of modern and timelessly elegant engagement rings. Here you can get inspiration and favorites order hassle free and comfortable home.

When diamond buying consider the following four quality criteria – they called 4Cs-note: “Cut” (Cut), “Carat” (carat), Color “(Color) and” Clarity “(purity). First, it comes to the ground-virtually the shape of the diamond -to determine. Round, oval, Schmaragd-, drops, or Navette- Princess shaped (square)? Warning: diamond ring is not the same diamond ring! Brilliant cut means that the diamond has been cut around and at least 56 facets-even today the timeless popular classic engagement rings.

After shaping the choice of the following size. This is measured by the carat weight-a carat corresponds to 0.20 grams. However Karat Karat is not only in connection with a beautiful cut, clarity and color of the diamond is very high quality.

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Rihanna Testimonial Armani

Rihanna continues to be a great queen of experimentation in the field of fashion, perhaps even more than in that of music. So here she is back to take on the role of bad girl glamor on the heels of the image that wanted to raise, even with the latest video for her new single “We found love”, and set aside the most refined and sophisticated outfits-which in any If they make a good impression on her, regardless of hair color of the moment!-Here it is back to a style from the mood biker, perhaps even streetwear, but always invaluable, as we demonstrate the sandals wearing! Continue reading

Lace Pumps

The lace-up shoe with heel is something else. It’s good for portable Office, also in winter and easy to combine, for example with a waist skirt or jeans. Black leather cord pumps are a most basic shoe. Sportier versions of this pumps are made of fabric. In bright colors, these shoes are a real eye-catcher and depending on the heel height and shape the shoe can be quite different.

Katy Perry Style Steal

Katy Perry is one of the most popular pop singers in recent years, one of the fastest rising young stars in show business, whose success, however, is certainly not due solely to singing skills. Katy Perry falls it in the category of those singers performer who in addition to performing in beautiful songs, add to the mix of very eccentric costumes, whimsical look that is also found on time away from the stage, in social occasions and on the red carpet of the highest level. Continue reading

Blake Lively Isabel Marant

A Blake Lively more beautiful than ever posing for the number of March 2012 of Elle Magazine in shots where US puts on display wonderful designer clothes from the fashion label’s most important industry. The protagonist of the series Gossip Girl among other confesses telling some details about his life, beginning with her ​​four boyfriends who according to his words, were the only ones. It seems that the Lively and her character on the small screen have very little in common, since the actress claims not to be the kind of escapades without love. Continue reading

Designer Pants

Every woman needs at least a nice fabric pants in her closet. The selection of designer pants is this huge and inviting shopping of fine business trousers. For leisure, Chino pants are traditional favorites, particularly light linen pants are suitable in the warm summer. But of course, the online stores provide us with exciting, high-quality leather pants of great Designhäuser. In our category of designer pants we have compiled all the friends.

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Second Hand Dresses

Dresses are one of the most popular items of clothing of women: let us not only feminine look and feel sexy, but they are also easy to combine. With a dress, no long consider is necessary whether the top to rock or the blouse to the jeans fit – just slip into your favorite dress and you feel comfortable! Woman can clothes have never enough! But to spend a whole fortune for your dress collection, you can rely on a good alternative: on second hand fashion. Hereby, you save not only money, but have the opportunity to get individual pieces that do not come out of the box and who is thus guaranteed no other in your environment!

Dresses as second hand fashion

Dresses are a fitting piece of clothing for virtually any occasion: whether it’s a loose dress shopping in the city, a chic sheath dress in the Office or an elegant cocktail dress for special events such as weddings and large parties. And the little black dress is a classic that fits every occasion anyway! To carry but not always the same dress, it is advisable to second back to access fashion hand – so you save money and can demonstrate to each event a new dress that has seen before, no one’s. And if you want you can sell again it then – the idea of second hand is simply super!

Second hand clothes shop now online

On Bridgat.com you will find a large selection of second hand clothes for everyone. Summer dresses, business dresses, lace dresses, Maxi dresses, party dresses and many more! Even designer clothes you can at Bridgat cheap second hand find fashion: whether you are great designers such as Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg and Moschino, or popular brands such as G-star, cheap Monday, top shop – let yourself be inspired by our extensive range on Bridgat.com and singing your favorite second hand clothes online!

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Carrie Diaries

The unique style of Carrie Bradshaw continues to set trends even though several years have passed since the end of ” Sex and the City”, one of the fashion seen in the TV series. The beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion victim with flakes also in private life, as has shown us more than once during the public appearances and on the red carpet. But for us fashionistas will always for the woman who launched a real lifestyle, living a fairytale life six years in which there have been friendly, charming princes and especially dresses and glamorous accesses that have made ​​us dream. Continue reading

Blake Lively Magazine Article

The magazine W Magazine has devoted the December to sisters . In fact we understand that 2011 is the year of the sisters (someone should tell my!), Including charts and photographers sisters services, more or less famous, there were no more doubts about the triumph of the sisters. W Magazine has devoted the cover, and a beautiful photo shoot by Mario Testino, to the sweet Fanning sisters, Dakota and Elle, small but already lanciatissime in the fashion world. Continue reading


Did you ever skip the number of your sunglasses? No? We can tell you: there are guaranteed very many, because you can have simply never enough sunglasses. There are a lot of beautiful models and why only a model set? Sunglasses must be expensive, it comes in different versions and they are always a very special accessory. Therefore, you have the choice between many different brands, colors and trends here. Would you like a classic pair of sunglasses or a hip glasses with glass in the form of butterfly? With a large pair of sunglasses, you feel just like a VIP and also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Practical and you want more trendy…was!

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Towels with Pom

Towels with Pom are an absolute must-have accessory for every woman. You meet a practical purpose, to warm up the neck. On the other hand wipes with PomPoms, tassels or fringes are also absolutely trendy and allow even an otherwise plain cloth to become a real eye-catcher. Colorful and patterned scarves with tassels to dress up any outfit and look particularly well to rather monochromatic outfits.

FURLA Bags Summer Collections 2010

The bags – summer collections 2010 by FURLA lines Ambergris, violet and Mambo a large variety of materials characterized by: there are pockets of straw, plastic and canvas. Special animalier pattern are in the focus. FURLA granted a high summer sale on these exciting Collections. FURLA presented in the summer of 2010, in line with the fashionable trends, bags made of different materials such as straw, plastic and canvas. Exotic patterns, especially animalier prints draw in different colors from Fuchsia blue attention.

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Anna Wintour Vogue US

Today I present the 12 covers of the 2011 Anna Wintour that the fashion editor has chosen for the most important fashion magazine in the world: Vogue US! Doing a quick calculation Anna Wintour chose many actresses and singers and a few models, has devoted its covers eight actresses, two models and two singers, all characters that somehow made ​​their mark on something. Retrace all the covers and then tell me what is your favorite and the one that would have changed, there were? Continue reading

Cargo Pants

The cargo Pant is recommended for the casual but still feminine look. You convince by their sporty casual look and functionality. Precisely for these reasons the former military pants no longer is since the early 90’s from the fashion world and has become an indispensable must-have for every woman! On Bridgat you will find a wide selection of this cool pants. They are combined with a shirt and ballerinas or sneakers mostly casual. The outfit is chic, if you stylst, for example, a beige cargo pants with black elements. Just finding the right model for you in our assortment and order conveniently from home your new favorite piece!

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Nice panties of different Web shops in many different variants and materials such as cotton or lace. Suitable for the BHs, sensual, sexy, romantic or playful – the range leaves no wishes. Shoppe briefs in bright colours or in delicate pastels such as pink or Mint green. Browse the offer and then buy the panties of your choice at the respective online shop.