How To Make A Christmas Hat Crocheted

We discover how to create a wonderful Christmas hat dell’uncinetto using the technique, a really cool tutorial

How to make Christmas hat crocheted

How to make a delicious hat Christmas crochet? This tutorial is explained step by step, so for the December 25 we will be more than ready with nosto hat and, if we organize ourselves in time, we will also give away some to friends.  Continue reading

Snowden Not Would Use Allo, Google’s New Messaging App… and You?

Google does not escarmienta with messaging apps. During the Conference Google I/O 2016 presented not one, but two new services: Allo and Duo.

Allo is going to be very complicated to make a hole in the landscape of messaging, but we have to recognize that it is a very interesting proposal. He thrives on the intelligence of Google Assistant, with which we can chat directly so that resolve us doubts. It also suggests rapid responses when we need them and have endless options to customize our messages. But it is not gold that glitters, several privacy experts, led by the footballer Snowden, advise against their use. The reason? The absence of end-to-end encryption. Continue reading


A new bikini is simply part of the summer. But some lucky fly in the winter in warm countries and need then of course be great new swimwear. At you can look throughout the year in online shops for beautiful beach fashion. So you can find the Pareo blanket, for example, what you’ve already gesuchst.

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Panasonic Lumix SZ9 in the Test

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ9 is located in the area of compact all-rounder. Here, the competition is particularly high – what has the Lumix SZ9 what others have not?

A size of 97 x 57 x 21 and a weight of just 120 grams make the Panasonic Lumix SZ9 as a digital camera for the breast pocket. Such a case is held usually between index finger and thumb. The middle finger stabilizes the camera still front against tipping and it is already enough. In all these places, the Panasonic Lumix SZ9 is easy to grip, it lies between the fingers. Continue reading

What Is WhatsApp Gold and Why Deberias Flee from It as If Was The Plague

A new scam is spreading across the network. His name is WhatsApp Gold, an alleged “premium” version of WhatsApp that only the famous use, but that someone has managed to secretly and shares it with you. The previous premise already sounds ridiculous in itself, but that does not mean that more than one has fallen into the trap. WhatsApp Gold is “distributed” by messages like the following:

Hey at last the secret version of WhatsApp gold has been leaked. Only the super famous use this version. Now we can use it also. Continue reading


The right bra is important because it helps in your outfit to feel you, you and support your breasts properly. It is important that you buy your bra in the correct size. Because the wrong size can cause pressure points, be uncomfortable, and even pain. Also can become misshapen look with the wrong size and BRA shape your bust size and above all provide not the necessary support. If you don’t know your bra size, you should measure at home with instructions, or go to a specialty store. Often, women have a much too large cup or a scope which cut. Before you buy a bra so be sure, in whatever size you order it. Of course you can send online several sizes fitting home. Just remember: it is important that the BRA supports your breasts and comfortably.

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Pampering Care for Winter Hair

Cold, wind and air are pure stress for the hair as a mix. Episode: The hair dries out, becomes brittle and just wants to not hold the hairstyle. In the cold season, the scalp produces also less sebum. Thus lengths and tips dry out even further, the outer cuticle layer of the hair is porous, flying hair. Also the rising and setting of caps and hooded strained the delicate fibers.Therefore, now is time for special care and a few extra candies. Continue reading

Early Versions of Duet and Allo Leaked in APKMirror, Although You Can Do Little with Them

Is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep a secret, and although this time Google has managed relatively catch us by surprise with its two applications of communication recent: Duo and Allo. The first is a smart chat application, while the second offers video calling in the simplest way possible.

Both applications are already available on prior registration in Google Play, which is a very tremendous name to sign up to receive a mere notice When they are officially available, but how could it be otherwise, someone It has leaked versions hardened to APKMirror. Continue reading