Maternity Bags of the Season

It’s no use, whenever a new fashion in the media we were crazy and our “humble” wishlist for not growing. When it comes to scholarships then, forget it! How many wishes, how many wills, our eyes shine and the heart races, after all, that woman can resist a wonderful bag? Bag is an article that pleases nine out of ten women, and when it comes to the famous, the subject takes other proportions.

Every season, the big brands launch several new models and reprints of those who are already successful, but there is always a special case who becomes “it”.  You can see many celebrities, fashionistas and bloggers are using these bags, and that ends up being search object, because it depletes quickly in all stores. There are those who have already become news while they’re still on the runway, promising to be the next object of desire. With that in mind, we select the it-bags that will be most viewed for this new year.

Does LG Mini Out A LG G2?

LG G2 Mini Gets Neatly with Snapdragon 800 Processor Performance

Mini versions of their flagship Smartphones bring the LG competitors already on the market, because it is time to tighten even with a small version of its G2 for LG. Supposedly the Koreans a G2 release namely mini next year, that could be presented to the CES. LG will do but otherwise this as competition from Samsung and HTC, because I understand probably want all LG that G2 mini equip with a far better hardware, as it will be the competitor of tutDas LG G2 mini from the equipment, but not “mini” determined. Supposedly the small smartphone LG G2 will be equipped mini 800 processor as its big brother with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon. Also the display is probably not really small, the rumored to the display size should be the LG G2 mini at 4.7 inches. For a display that is not exactly “mini”, strictly speaking, this is the same display size, which has the HTC one. As the resolution of displays, it still nothing is known. Most other smartphone manufacturers rely on a more than adequate for this size resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. However, it is also possible that LG mini equips his LG G2 with a full-HD display. The LG G2 has taken care of this year with his new arrangement of the heads for Fuore, because with the LG G2 the volume control and the are appropriate for the power Center on the back. Even with the LG G2 mini this could be so. Even the presentation of LG G Flex that is waiting with a curved screen and to have probably next year we will be provided for enormous attention on the Smartphone market.

You like to have a smartphone from LG? With us, you’ll get the flagship LG G2 with a mobile-financing of even looking out the monthly rate, where you easily can pay off your LG G2, you!

Moonlight Shoulder Bags

Elegance is the word that best defines the light of the moon, a Brazilian brand of bags, shoes and leather accessories

Since a belt to complement the look and give that special detail, to the maxi bags, for those days when we need to take the world with us, moon light offers everything a woman needs to stay organized, well – dressed Its comfortable!

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Crowdfunding Jewels: COVR, Rufus Cuff and the Micro

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with an affordable 3D printer, an indestructible Bluetooth speaker, a reserve battery on my key ring, a huge Smartwatch and a case for the iPhone with you secretly shoot photos. When you click on that links not be surprised: Indiegogo received a completely new design.

The Micro: Affordable 3D Printers

Still no 3D was so cheap: the micro, or short M3D, costs just US$ 299 – so only approximately 220 euro at kickstarter. However, shipping costs are added. You have to decide until May 7, 2014. The 3D printer is a cube with edge length 18.5 cm, it creates but to print objects that are up to 11.6 cm high and an area of 10.9 x 113 cm just 9.1 x 8.4 cm have – to the tune of 7.4 cm. With a weight of one kilogram, the printer is even portable and to connect to a computer, a USB cable is sufficient. The software runs on Windows, OS X and Linux, and should provide for an easy set up and use.

COVR: Secretly Record Pictures with the iPhone

The idea came to COVR Thomas Hurst photographers during his work in crisis areas, where like to photographed not everyone can be. With the case for the iPhone you can not only in dangerous moments unnoticed take photos, but scan including children, without that they respond to the camera. To the lens in the iPhone case light diverts so, you down keep the actual camera of smartphones, but still scans the subject in front of you. By May 6, 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. For 55 dollars and 10 dollars, your a copy of the envelope gets shipping – equivalent results in a price of around 47 euros.

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Galaxy A7 (2016): the Smartphone That Tries to Be Top of the Line

Even in price: with 5.5-inch screen, 13 megapixel camera, 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB for internal storage model was launched in Brazil for R $ 2,499.

Smartphones intermediaries, but finished premium. This is the most fair way to summarize the Samsung Galaxy The apparatus or, at least, the model Galaxy A7, the flagship of the line. It will be?

To confirm, I spent the last two weeks testing the 2016 version of the device, which arrived in Brazil in late January. Compared to the 2015 model, the current Galaxy A7 keeps care finish, but brings new processor (Exynos 7580 with eight cores), more RAM (3 GB) and an extra feature truly relevant: fingerprint reader.

At first glance, the hardware assembly and aesthetic appeal give the smartphone a dignified air of sophistication Countertop, not intermediary. The price only works with this impression: the discount smartphones came here costing R $ 2,499 (ui!). But it is the everyday use that will tell us that came the new Galaxy A7.Without further ado, let the impressions that left tests. Continue reading

Women’s Fleece Vests Clothing

Here in this section you will find a great selection of fleece vests for ladies from many different online shops. You can put on a cozy fleece vest in the winter, because they keep you warm properly. For outdoor sports activities such as jogging or for a long autumn walk these vests are ideal. Have fun browsing!
Stylish fleece vests for ladies
Fleece vests for women are not only practical outdoor clothing as a companion on the go. In different colors, they are combinable versatile all-rounder. Classic colors are black, grey, dark green, and blue. Even bolder colors such as red and pink are popular trends. There are also fleece jackets made from different materials like typically primordial fur, polyester, spandex, or wool blends. For sportier versions of fleece vests, there are also stretch-enabled materials that are flexible and hard-wearing and adapt themselves to the body. There is also a particularly fast drying material for functional clothing which absorbs moisture and leaves it to the outside. Fleece vests are also extremely comfortable and you can pull them over a sweater or a thin jacket just fast to slightly warmer to dress. Many brands also adopt “pilling” free materials, which formed no small nodes or aggregation on the fabric after washing.
Hot ladies fleece vests for colder days
There are fleece vests in different cut forms and strengths. Depending on the season or time of year, you can buy thicker and thinner fleece vests. Women’s fleece vests are particularly close to the body. Thicker fleece vests for men and women can especially keep you warm on colder days and evenings in the summer. You can wear simple shirts or cozy sweaters to pair the fleece vest. Easy coat fleece vest and the outfit is complete. There are fleece vests from many different brands, which offer a large selection of beautiful cuddly fleece-vest. The online shops offer a wide selection of cuddly ladies fleece vest from many different brands.

The Little Black Dress Online

The little black dress is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Namely, it fits to any occasion. It owes the little black dress to the one his classic, elegant interface and on the other hand the maximum length to the knee. The short evening dress gained great popularity. Use the filter functions left to find your perfect “little black”.

Small of black so changeable

The little black dress is considered to be one of the cordially garments that a woman can have. The reason is that it can be the perfect dress for every possible occasion. It is a suitable companion for any evening event by its color and the classic, also knee-length cut. You can wear the little black dress as evening wear such as a prom dress, dress for wedding guests or as a prom dress. It is also the perfect dress for the first date at the same time to turn your loved one’s head. The little black dress are classic enough for a club night and make you shining on the dance floor. In the black dresses, you’re a good figure in any case!

Black dress many variants

Classically, the little black dress is slightly shorter than knee-length, but there are also mini dresses or dresses in midi length variants. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a strapless short dress that is filled with lace or embroidered with sequins. If it is supposed to be something formal, you’d better choose the small black dress in knee-length and have longer sleeves. So, it is not only for every occasion, but also for any type of weather!

Women’s Sweater Fleece Jacket

If it is cold outside, you need to bring out your winter coats. And what could be more comfortable as a fleece sweater? The cozy fleece not only keeps you warm, but also takes you through the various situations stylishly in everyday life. Here you will find a selection of modern and beautiful pieces that are fine to take you through the colder days. Whether you spend a relaxing Sunday on the couch, outside in the cold to go jogging or go on a snow-covered winter party: the fleece pullover is an absolute must-have for the cozy, warm winter fun.

Fleece pullover – the winter must-have

The fleece sweater should definitely include your winter basics. No matter whether you yourself at home like to fold up or out sporty: A fleece sweater is a piece of winter clothing that you don’t miss! You are planning a ski vacation in the mountains? You should not forget to grab a fluffy fleece sweater in the case. On the slope under thick snow jackets, as well as at the après-ski, the fleece sweaters are the perfect garment for women! The basic question is what color you should get you the sweater. Black of course goes, however striking are particularly sought after in the sport this season!

Correctly combined: fleece sweater

The fluffy fleece pullovers are very popular in the colder months. They keep generally warmer than ordinary sweatshirts, and apply like a jacket. That’s great, but how to combine stylish fleece if you want to wear a heavy jacket? A cool and simple look for leisure arises when matching fleece with a dark skinny jeans and leather boots!

The Machine – Smartphones with 100 Terabytes!

The Machine of HP Provides Huge Space

Missing space in your phone may belong to in the near future of the past, because the American company HP is to revolutionize the storage technique in itself. Coming out, there may be a technique that enables the storage of 100 terabyte in smartphones.

The company HP is one of the largest computer manufacturers at all. And something really big has himself also made it, as with “The Machine”, the company wants to revolutionize nothing less than the world of electronics. And that might work, because with “The Machine” smartphones and tablets are possible with a storage capacity of 100 terabytes. What exactly is behind the vague title “The Machine”? “The Machine” is a platform. A piece of newly developed high-tech, which can store many unimaginable data and process. “The Machine” is a cluster that consists of many computing cores, each of which is intended for special tasks – and exactly where the difference lies: “The Machine” is not, will as usual normally, from a few computational cores that can do anything.

“The Machine” wants to HP a computer to develop, which are possible to process huge amounts of data. So, for example, a server with “The Machine” to can – address up to 160 petabytes in 250 nanoseconds and with less energy. According to HP “The Machine” supplies the six-time rate with an energy consumption reduced by a factor of 80 – all respect!

“The Machine” is intended not only for large servers, but also for devices such as Smartphones, in which a reduction of the technology incredible 100 terabyte internal disk space are easily possible. For comparison: the today’s smartphones expected the first finished devices the internal storage of typically up to 64 GB – “The machine”, the HP until 2018, would so pretty what revolutionize.

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Women’s Knitted Sweater Patterns

We can wear back cuddly knitted sweater in the winter. In combination with close jeans and boots or high heels you’ve created a hip outfit. The sweater with cable or a coarse knit pattern finds its way into your wardrobe. One thing is clear: the knitted sweaters are hotter than ever before and offer a lot of variety in styling in many colors and with different patterns. Continue reading