Office Chairs Suggestions

The work absorbs great part of our day. Often we spend more time at work than at home. That is why important to create an environment that is comfortable and which will not affect our mental and physical balance.

For those who have a desk job, desk, work in contact with the public but also with a lot of cards, to fill in, to read and reread…, it is very important make sure comfortable seating and ergonomic.

Once the desk chairs were made ​​of common wood, resistant, solid and durable, but certainly not very convenient.

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Alma Gemini, Clothing Art and Fashion

Floral designs that are interwoven with skeletons t-shirt dark: Paola Alma Gemini has taken his art in fashion, as told in the interview with

Paola Alma Gemini, born in 1989, is a young artist from Pavia who decided to bring together his talent with his passion, fashion, designing a line of clothing that bears his name, the dark mood but with a very precise message. interviewed her to be told the reflective path that led her to combine art and fashion, also reflecting on a sensitive issue like death.

Art and fashion is always a winning combination: as you played with your personal style this partnership? Why did you decide to release your drawings from the canvas to transfer clothing products?

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BlackBerry Priv Smartphone

Following his switch to Android, BlackBerry has worked hard to revive the same standards of security and privacy, typical of smartphones based on Google’s operating system 10, also on the BlackBerry. To do that has created a variety of solutions in different fields, as well as performing a timely updating of its BlackBerry Priv in order to quickly implement monthly security patches released by Google. For some time, in fact, Google kicked off the monthly release of patches that address the critical issues that emerged during the month (or even earlier than hard solution); This procedure started following the scars left by the story”stagefright. Continue reading

New York Fashion Week SS 2015: lo Street Style

New York Fashion Week: Fashion, but not only parades. Here are the most interesting looks in the streets of the Big Apple, at parties and on board passerellaa.

What does and will trend this season or next spring-summer? A sancirlo arrive on time the fashion weeks, and New York before all. But not sunny boardwalks living trends here is the most interesting outfits that have been seen in recent days the streets of the Big Apple. Pure street style, clothes and accessories that have shone the (many) party and side events of NYFW, and put the most popular celebrities-and prezzemoline-showed off to watch the parade from the front row.

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What to Wear with Business Skirt

Hardly an other garment has so much tradition and history under his belt, like the rock. For centuries, is the rock as the main component in the dressing room and is still a classic. In the world of fashion, he appears in a variety of variations and presents new trends. The rock was still an indispensable basic garment without alternative, some decades ago we can style today him when and how we want. The emancipation gave us the freedom to wear the skirt next to the jeans, pants, dress, leggings and many other garments as fashionable Companion. Continue reading

Tablet with Umbrella? 

Summer is one of the warmest periods not only in terms of temperatures, but also technological purchases. The boom in sales it typically has between the second half of July and the first week of August, accomplices often offers, at a loss and local initiatives. Yesterday was a day rich in promotions (valid still today many) but few have seen protagonists Tablet. If you are looking for a good low end but still with a good balance between size and performance, the ASUS MeMO Pad 8 “might be a good choice to” umbrella “or to entertain maybe your kids with a carton during long journeys. Continue reading

Iceberg: the S / S 2015 Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

Arty and sporty, for a confident woman who knows but the irony: the collection spring-summer 2015 Iceberg is inspired by the southern California.

It is the southern California to inspire the collection spring-summer 2015 signed Iceberg. Ass 2015 cheerful, easy, urban, sporty like a journey to fresh air-at the side of the road, the cacti that dominate also on board the catwalk-beneath the warm sunshine of Palm Springs.A ss 2015 for a strong and confident woman – as told by the designer  Alexis Martial, creative director of the brand and how to highlight the lights of neon on the catwalk: cold and a little ’70s sci-fi movie, but softened by the combination with an extremely chill out music.

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How to Style High Heel Boots

For the cold seasons, there are hardly any hotter shoes as high heel boots! They stretch the leg optically and give women an elegance that is second to none! High heel boots you can find at Bridgat with a wide heel, as well as with stiletto heel. Profiled sole models are perfect for the cold seasons. High heel boots are lace-up, with zipper or buckle. The models lace-up particularly flattering women. If you like fancy like can dare even to Peeptoe boots or boots in Gladiator style! Continue reading

Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

The famous site DxOMark has released its comprehensive analysis of the camera by Galaxy S7 Edge, evaluating $ with a final score of 88, which is the highest ever awarded. Just a point of difference, 87, the former owners of the podium— Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Xperia Z5, closely followed by Galaxy 5 and S6 Edge to 86 points.

According to what emerged from the long discussion, which you can consult via this link,photos of Galaxy S7 Edge have been rewarded for excellence in ability to preserve detail in any light condition, good exposure and dynamic range both outdoors and indoors, a low level of background noise in all conditions, the speed and accuracy of the new autofocus and the excellent performance of flash that manages to offer a good white balance and offers a good preservation of the colours and detail even in the total absence of light sources. Among the negative aspects mentioned artifacts caused by Ringing effect, excessive presence of warm tones if the scene is lit by tungsten lights and the loss of detail in scenes where there is a high dynamism. Continue reading