Bracelets go always and everywhere! They belong to the most popular accessories. They adorn the wrist and give your look that certain something! You get wristbands not only by great, higher-priced brands such as fossil, Michael Kors, guess, but also already quite cheap from labels such as, for example, Loavies or touch. How do you find the right bracelet for you when choosing a breathtaking? We give you an overview! Whether real silver and gold or leather, glass, or plastic – at Bridgat you’ll find everything your heart desires.

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Peep toe pumps

Plateau pumps are incredibly trendy at the moment. Especially peep toe pumps in red are a real eye-catcher and make sure that you’re the party with your outfit at the Center. You choose the platform pumps in the color black, then they come so very elegant. At Bridgat you can find many different plateau pumps, for example, from paint, great colors and desired shoe size.

Hair serums

Hair serums, the special care that it requires giving particularly sensitised hair. Applied in damp hair, they leave your hair shiny and smooth. The oils contained in the serum and ingredients, maintain the hair and can prevent hair breakage. There’s online a wide selection of various hair serums at Whether strongly colorized or dry hair for anyone stressed, there is the matching hair serum. Filter the range by webshop or brand and find your hair serum online.

Hair wax

Want her order comfortably and simply online hair care products? Here is her hair wax from both the tube and the box. Hair wax is particularly suitable for styling short hairstyles, but also with longer hair, hairstyles can conjure up. Finder encounter in the fashion brands such as John Frida or L ´ L’Oreal Paris. You have to search but also the possibility to order then cheap online specifically to a particular shop.

Ski clothing

Have you booked your next winter holidays, but you need to have the right equipment? Here you can browse through the offering of the Web shops to find the right gloves, the new snow suit or warm hats. Looking for new trendy brands or a ski pants in a certain color, so that it fits to your fleece jacket? Thanks to the drop-down menus you can do filtering whim and so exactly find what you’re looking for!

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Capes-laptop bags

Cloaks laptop bags are incredibly handy by its strap. But they can be also at the same time stylish. There’s a wide selection of cloaks laptop bags that you quite simply your laptop and many other little things can stow at There are pockets in great colourful and water-repellent materials, made of fabric or leather. Different sizes from 13 to 17 inches make sure your laptop is guaranteed also has plenty of space. Filter the range by brand, colour or Web shop and find your perfect laptop bag online.

Wedge sandals

Sandals with wedge heels are the perfect summer shoe! In the Bridgat editorial team, we love the trendy wedge shoes of wedges also called – because this shoe actually fits all, allows our feet a break from wobbly heels and makes our legs petite. Elegant wedge sandals in black are just as colorful sandals and fancy patterns of true to current fashion trends. Shop now the airy and refreshing eye-catcher!

Winter sports: Shoes

You want to buy a new snowboard and ski boots and the best online? Then you are right here! Beautiful models are here for your winter sports holiday in every price range. Ski boots are good mood guarantee for women in cheerful colors. Also the colors of the snowboard boots ranging from yellow, blue and green to return to red and pink. Many online stores offer cheap these winter sporting goods.


A huge selection of different slippers is waiting for you in this category. These shoes are practical and great for the spring and summer season. Simply slip and you’re done! There is it in bright colors, patterns or classic leather. Slippers with studs give your outfit a rocking character, but also a nice contrast with a delicate dress. The most popular brands include vans, Sacha and VAGABOND. It will not be easy to decide only on a Mule made in the online-offer…

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padded sneaker

If the temperature on the thermometer falling ever farther down, the wind us blows in the face that we’re afraid to fly away and the snow soaked our dresses, we women know that we’ve lost with open heels and unlined Overknees. To arm us for this cold season, we have a cool alternative Creative Commons to newly take up the fight with the winter. Because the padded sneaker is the perfect alternative. Think how black, grey waterproof and warm winter shoes from all price ranges and in different colors here on Bridgat, Brown or red.

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Fortunately, hats are once again fully in line with the trend. In the fashion Finder you can find hats in many colors, shapes and materials. All the online shops in the offer have the felt hat on the hat up to the cowboy hat is within your grasp. You can search offering for brand and buy a nice hat of the classic mark Seeberger or filter by price, and buy you a cheap hat to look like the trend is friends.

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Hold up stockings

In this section, there are many beautiful black stockings from different online shops. These are not only sexy, but also practically under tight clothing because they cause no prints. Called also stay-ups, stockings, stick, as the NAme suggests, alone at the foot. The selection here includes stockings in black, white and other colors as well as models with seam, with tip and also playful examples with loop.

Second hand evening dresses

Second hand evening dresses include the most popular and the most wanted pieces of clothing. Current evening gown models cannot offer the same authentic spirit of past epochs. The fact that the evening dresses from our second often only once or not even held hand partner shops, make up the special charm of the high-quality pieces. On Bridgat you can find therefore a wide range of simple and festive second hand evening dresses by fashionable trend brand or designer quality. Although the clothes are often already out of print, and individual unique, they have one important thing in common: an unbeatable cheap price-performance ratio! We have made a special selection of the best dresses of the second hand evening wear for you. Have fun browsing and shopping!

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Yoga pants

Namaste! Today, we go back a little, relax our minds and compensate our body with sports. It is old MeditationYoga this about the Millennium. From the tree to the turtle up to the butterfly’s need for many years training and enough relaxation. The latter will often fail to inadequate clothing. If they continuously slip and itch, it is of course difficult fully to address the meditation. Because the yoga pants are an important part of the entire sport outfits, it should sit perfectly and guarantee full freedom of movement. Therefore, content should be taken when purchasing in any case on the high strech-. Once you have found your richtie yoga pants, you will surely not more voluntarily take them off, because she is too comfortable.

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Large sizes: jackets

There’s great coats and jackets in various sizes. Especially the online shops from Ulla Popken and happy size specialise in large sizes. Here you will find stylish jackets that you dress properly every season. With the search options of the fashion Finder, you can sort by price, shop and brand and determined to find the garment in the size and color that you like.