Snow boots

Festive, Rocky or rustic: for every look and every occasion there is the perfect boots for Bridgat. Ankle boots are not only stylish but they fit also like a glove, which is why they look perfect for any outfit. Especially for delicate legs, lace-up boots are ideal, as it is sometimes hard to find a boot with narrow shaft. High laced leather boots are the most elegant. Here you can choose from the range of different online stores. Are you looking for high lace-up boots or rather a laced up boot with heel or without and what color you want to have your new boots?

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Pyjama Style

But where do you go if your pretty Pajamas glam our don’t have it? Now the stars have dictated this trend, which seems to have been accepted by leading fashion brands, which in this spring-summer 2012 we were presented a whole series of creations that look like fashion garments nightwear, rather than real suits. The celebrities were pioneers of this new tendency, sometimes proposing of glamorous and stylish, sometimes making a mistake: there are cases in which really seemed to get out of the House in your pajamas! Continue reading

The White T-Shirt Guide

In the history of fashion and clothing culture, you can often determine individual periods at intervals of a decade. Memories of these fashion sections remain in people’s minds for a lifetime and be nurtured by finds on the floors of their parents and grandparents. This is probably also the reason why everything somehow, sometime on the catwalks of the fashion capitals returns. A special piece of clothing has over us all and firsthand witnessed almost every fashion era – times as a main component, often only as infill of outfits. The talk is of the white shirt. Continue reading

Second hand accessories

In the category of second hand accessories you will find many different articles: everything as an accessory can be understood by scarves, scarves, hats and gloves to belts, hats, and sunglasses. Also the normal everyday eyeglasses can be considered quite chic accessory for the appropriate look. It is the great accessories that you can wear them all year round. In the spring you can access great tube scarves and colorful scarves, sunglasses and Hat are essential in summer, in the autumn, we have to take a cap unfortunately again at and in winter the thick scarf and the gloves are a must. So much the better, that you can buy all of these accessories as second hand products. How often are we facing the accessory shelf and try more sunglasses to talk out? That’s now! In the category of second hand accessories you will find super beautiful second hand accessories at affordable prices.

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Second hand mini skirts

The second hand mini skirt: A a magic remedy for long brown legs, for others a feast for the eyes. The fact is, however, heard of the mini skirt in every woman’s wardrobe. Multiple is equal to the best, for a classic mini skirt is suitable for elegant occasions, while a leather mini skirt with front button placket, A line the absolute trend is currently. But not to be forgotten is the mother of mini skirts: the jeans mini skirt with fringe. As you can see the list of mini skirt variants is very long and the operational capability of the mini skirts should not be underestimated. Get as many high-quality short skirts for a small price, you can hand access to mini-skirts and save lots of money at the cheapest second.

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Asos Makeup Sale

I love to shop online, and I select carefully the products and sites where to buy. I turn to make up quality but with an eye to price and offerings. Since I like to share my little ‘discoveries’ with her ​​friends, today I thought I would reveal my favorite products of makeup available on the English site Asos!

As you know Asos is an online store that offers clothing, footwear, accessories, but also make-up products, skincare, bodycare, hair care and hair styling. Continue reading

Sport swimsuits

Here you can find bathing suits for swimming. The fit and comfort is especially important if this Halter. You should feel comfortable when swimming and feel low water resistance. Sports swimwear by adidas, arena and the other known MAREN make out exactly. Thanks to special materials and cuts, special sports swimwear is preferable to others, if you move in that particular area.

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

We do not our running in shoes or gym in jeans, so why make the sport with a classic bra? The breasts are not the muscles, so they need a hold adapted during sports practice to avoid pain. What bra use? What for? Ilosport light for you.

A suitable bra is essential for the health of the chest of women. The breasts are not the muscles, they are based on the pectorals and are maintained only by the ligaments of Cooper who provide the support role. In sports, the weight of the chest will be multiply by 3, or even 5 depending on the sport and the intensity. The ligaments Cooper, natural BRA, are exposed has the jitters, jumps, falls, and or shock during sports practice. Therefore, it is important to take care with daily care and a bra suitable for physical activity. Continue reading

Sneaker wedges

Since the sneaker wedges debut of the French brand Isabell Marant, the trend has grown quickly and is everywhere please. Whether it’s the sporting brand Nike or the high-end label Dolce & Gabbana. But why is the integrated wedge heel sneaker so popular? -On the one hand, it has the cool sporty touch, because it visually resembles the normal sneaker. In addition, stretch your legs to 5-10 cm in the height of the heels and make you look taller and slimmer. The conclusion: Sneaker wedges are simultaneously sporty and elegant, and thus anywhere suitable for use, no matter whether on the road or in the Office.

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Black Pencil Makeup

Make up with black pencil: here is the news and trends for autumn winter 2015-2016! The black pencil is one of those products for the make up that can not miss in the beauty case. This winter, however, the eye pencil is used in various ways and not only to the inner rim. Discover all make up trends to achieve the eye makeup!

The black pencil is one of the most used makeup products, with which to create different types of looks. This product is considered an evergreen, which can make you look defined and magnetic. For a natural look, apply black pencil only in the inner rim of the eye and sfumatela slightly below the lower waterline. To emphasize more the look, apply black pencil in upper eye rhyme. Continue reading